Do you need someone to care for your car and treat it well? At Joe Cordina Car Repair and Service, you have professionals with 34 years of experience who are ready to take in your car and let you have it back as good as new.

With specialists' attention, your car can be taken in for a pre-VRT inspection and any required repairs are carried out in a timely fashion. If your car's spray and colour need refreshing or repairing, a complete paint job includes also panel-beating as required. Electrical faults are seen too, and you can purchase any damaged or missing parts directly from Joe Cordina Car Repair and Service - no need to run around in search for your needs. Brand new as well as second hand parts are available, and we take in the parts you don't need anymore.

Listen to your car - if it says it needs a service, bring it to us and try out our experienced and efficient specialist work. We can tow your car here and back and reassure you we will treat it like our own, every time.